These 100% natural linen pieces are perfect for bread. When dampened, linen will keep dough moist as it's rising whether in a bowl or on a pastry cloth. Once it's out of the oven, wrap this around it and it will keep the crust crusty and inside tender. Use it to line a basket on your holiday table and it serves beautifully as a table mat.

The pattern is a very old one resembling a star or snowflake. 

Woven on a natural, undyed linen warp, the yarn I used is from various sources and various countries so there is subtle striping in the warp. I love that linen is so earthy. Weather conditions, soils, harvesting and more all play a part and leave their marks. Some is very brown, some lighter, some creamy. 

You can machine wash them but line drying in the open air will lengthen its life. Since I love the flat, lustrous look of pressed linen, I would press them, too. But, you can dry them on a flat surface to keep them somewhat flat.

Approximately 19.5" x 21.5" (49.53 cm x 54.61 cm)

Linen Bread Cloth